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Internal heat rotary kiln



Internal heat rotary kiln comprises a cylinder, supporting devices, transmission, kiln head and tail cover and a sealing device, lining, combustion system, control system and other components. The kiln body of the rotary kiln is tilted at a certain angle. The kiln body is supported by the wheel supporting device and has gear wheel device for controlling the kiln body to move up and down. The transmission system includes two sets of main transmission and auxiliary transmission, Kiln tail sealing device uses a combination of sealed way to ensure the reliability of the seal.

Technical characteristics

1、composite lining design

1) good insulation properties, surface heat loss than the traditional design to reduce the lining of 30% -60%.

2) good thermal shock resistance, can effectively eliminate the stress aggregation caused by temperature change, to extend the service life.

3) for different ore and calcination system using different designs.

2、 accurate temperature control and fuel consumption control, effective save energy.

3、a variety of burner configuration, to meet different user needs.

4、the application of internal heat rotary kiln

Titanium dioxide, kaolin calcination

Titanium dioxide, kaolin calcined powder with the features like small particle size, bulk density, light, high requirements of the atmosphere,according to the characteristics of different places of origin ore and product requirements, the design of NR series internal heat rotary-kiln meets the customer needs, calcination temperature can be controlled at ± 1 ℃. Products low energy consumption, high brightness, low wear and tear, product quality and stability.

Industrial waste incineration

The rotary kiln incinerator is the incineration equipment widely used in the field of international industrial waste treatment. Its market share in the field of industrial waste incineration is over 80%. It is also recommended in the national industrial waste treatment technology policy issued by the Ministry of Science and the State Environmental Protection Administration. Incinerator type, can be burned at the same time or a variety of medical waste, hazardous waste solid, liquid, semi-solid colloids and salt residues.

Sintering of ceramsite proppant

Ceramic proppant is the use of high-quality bauxite and other raw materials sintered ceramic particles from the product, with high fracture strength, mainly used in oil and gas deep-well mining. Ceramics proppant special rotary kiln can be flexible control kiln temperature distribution and calcination atmosphere, and promote the formation of effective mineral phase, to ensure the quality of finished products.


Other applications

Limestone, light burned magnesium, heavy magnesia, bauxite, diatomaceous earth, dolomite, zinc oxide, chromium, nickel iron ore, limonite, talcum powder, etc.


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