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Indirect rotary kiln



The Indirect calcining rotary kiln hasan external combustion chamber of the cylinder, the heat of flue gas generated by combustion transfer to the materialthrough the tube, the material calcined under high temperature, then the calcined product discharged from the discharge valve, exhaust gas for emptying or using after treatment.

Indirect calcining rotary kiln is suitable for all kinds of materials which need indirect and continuous heating.

Technical characteristics

1. Products will not be contaminated during the production, suitable for the calcination of high purity products.

2. Calcining the atmosphere, adjusting the redox atmosphere, or introducing a special gas for calcination.

3. Calcination process of the material decomposition of the gas is not mixed with the flue gas, high purity, easy recycling or use.

4. Furnace can be dust, explosion-proof design, can calcinate and recover toxic materials, solvents.

5. Adjustable tilt angle and cylinder rotation speed, also the calcination time.

6. The calcination temperature and the calcination curve of each region can be set flexibly.

7. Can use a variety of fuels, but also with fuel, gas dual-use system

Cylinder processing

Electric heating rotary kiln


●1. Catalyst, molecular sieve roasting

Indirect calcination rotary kiln is used for roasting catalyst, molecular sieve can effectively ensure product purity from contamination. Multi-zone temperature setting can be developed to improve the calcination system, to complete a good  dehydration, cell shrinkage and other reactions. The cylinder body can be enhanced by superheated steam reaction atmosphere to improve product quality.

●Sludge dry distillation, toxic waste incineration

Indirect calcining rotary kiln can make the chemical reaction of sludgeprocessin a closed, oxygen-free, non-combustion, high temperature state. The sludge is heated at high temperature and subjected to pyrolysis, dehydrogenation, thermal condensation, gasification and carbonization under the action of dry distillation and thermal decomposition. Change the water in the sludge into condensed water, the volatile organic matter in the sludge pyrolysis into a combustible gas, the carbon elements in sludge into bio-carbon. Condensate, combustible gases and biochar are recyclable.

Incineration of toxic waste in sealed space, can fully recover the toxic gas generated, and for processing.

Natural gas heating rotary kiln

Vacuum heating electric rotary kiln

Other applications

Washed (or coal-based) kaolin, Graphite,Molecular sieve catalyst, Alum, Aluminum sulfate, Barite, Copper oxide, Copper powder, Red iron oxide, Copper sulfate, Diatomaceous earth, Casting sand, Industrial waste iron chloride, Activated carbon,Magnesium chloride, magnesium hydroxide, Magnesium carbonate,Mineral Coatings, Titanium dioxide, Nickel catalyst, Nickel Oxide / Copper Sludge Carbonic Acid, Nickel, Zinc ore, Zirconium sand, Zeolite, Titanium dioxide, TNT, Nuts,Petroleum coke, Pyrite, Aluminum slag, Aluminum metal shavings


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