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QGS-type multi-function powerful crushing dryer



QGS-type powerful crushing and dryer is a multi-functional drying equipment with crushing, drying and grading. It is a high efficient and energy-saving drying equipment (patent NO.ZL95239883.4) design and developed independently, based on the introduced advanced foreign technology and the advantages of the original drying equipment in China. The product has been widely used in fine chemical industry, non-metallic mineral industry, pharmaceutical industry, feed industry and dyes, pigments and other industries since in the market in 1995. It is especially suitable for the drying of fine powder such as cake, pasty paste, block, ultra-fine slurry (2μm slurry) and heat sensitive material.

Dryer host diagram

Dryer system diagram

Main Performances & Characteristics

1.1. High reduction rate

The pulverizing apparatus is composed of a pulverizing disk and a pulverizing hammer which rotate at a high speed. Its speed is high (80 m / s), which is difficult to achieve with other drying equipment (other dryers such as flashing at 30 m / s). Because of such a high speed, materials in the dryer collision, friction between each other to instantaneous refinement to achieve particle reduction (reduction rate of 98% or higher), it can solve the problem that ultra- Nano-materials in the drying process will be reunion. Such as nanometer grade red iron oxide, nanometer light calcium carbonate and other drying treatment in good effect, the fineness of the material reduction rate has almost reached 98%.

2.High thermal efficiency

For QGS type powerful crushing dryer, hot air comes from radial, through the uniform holes on the sieve plate.Under the effect of centrifugal force of the crushing disk forming a strong crushing area, and its speed does not decline with the addition of materials; The material drys quickly under high-speed rotation. It only takes 4 to 5 secondsfrom feeding to output. So it has a strong processing capacity, and with dry uniform, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption. According to the on-site testing by the energy-saving technical service center of China National Nonferrous Metals Industry Corporation, the thermal efficiency is up to 70% or higher, that is, it generally only need 850 calories to take off 1 kg water.

3.3.The grading device adopts frequency conversion speed regulation method

Small parts of the material may not reach the best drying effect during the drying process (such as fineness and moisture content), in the dryer at the top of the host has a grading device (inverted cone cage type), which is a rotating speed adjustable device that can effectively control the water content and fineness of the dry powder. And we can adjust the rotational speed of the classifying device to reach the moisture content and fineness required by the user.

4.A variety of feed mechanism forms

Feeding agencies in various forms, ensure that the viscous material can feed into the machine smoothly, and will not form a tower that can stop feeding, and the use of variable frequency speed reducer, can adjust the feeding volume, with the changing of material, the form of the feed mechanism changes accordingly.

Main Parameter
Parameters \ models QGS-1 QGS-2 QGS-3 QGS-4 QGS-4A QGS-5 QGS-6
Main body diameter
355 585 765 1095 1350 1675 1800
Host Height
2800 3600 4100 4510 5000 5515 6000
 Air Dose
20 50 100 200 280 360 700
Host Weight
3.5 4.8 6.5 9.5 13.6 18.5 20
Crushing Power
7.5 15(18.5) 22(30) 45 55 75 110
Revolving speed
4500 3200 2200 1500 1280 1000 900
Rating Power
2.2 3 4 5.5 7.5 11 15
Maximum speed
2300 1700 1500 1100 950 800 600
Main Usage

The products are widely used in chemical products and pharmaceuticals, mineral and ceramic products, food and feed, spices and additives, pigments and dyes, plastics and resins, agricultural chemical products and fertilizers, detergents and paint powder crushing and drying.

It is suitable for the drying of wet, massive, fibrous materials; the drying of filtercake, pasty or pasty materials; the drying of crystalline water; the drying of heat sensitive and triggering materials.

Application examples
Industry Material Models Wet material moisture content
Dry material moisture content
Dry powder production(k9/h) Fineness Hot air temperature(℃)
Non - mining industry Ultrafine Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC) QGS- 5 30 0.3-0.5 4000 -2 μm 350
Light calcium carbonate QGS-4 30 0.3-1 1100 -2 μm 320
Bentonite QGS- 5 25 5-8 4000 200mesh 280
Kaolin QGS- 5 36 1 3200 Recovery 320
Sericite QGS-4A 32 0.5 1500 325mesh 300
Activated clay QGS- 5 35 8 3400 Recovery 320
graphite QGS- 4 30 0.5 1600 Recovery 300
Chemical, pigments, dyes, beverage industry
4A zeolite QGS- 5 45 1 2300 -4 μm 320
Desulfurization gypsum QGS- 5 Free water13+21个Crystal water 5 Crystal water 5500 Recovery 420
Copper sulfate pentahydrate QGS-4 Free water+5个Crystal water 2 Crystal water 600 120mesh 300
White carbon black QGS- 5 80 5 650 20-25 μm 380
Precipitation of barium sulfate QGS- 5 25 0.1 2800 1-2 μm 300
Zirconium silicate QGS- 3 25 1.5 700 Recovery 280
Iron phosphate QGS- 4 41 2 750 D50≤3μm 250-280
Decabromodiphenyl ether QGS- 3 30 0.2 550 325mesh 250
Phthalocyanine green, blue QGS-4 50 1 450 200mesh 240
Feed chlortetracycline QGS-4A 56 5-6 600 80mesh 260
Calcium hydrogen phosphate QGS- 5 42 3-4 2600 200mesh 280
Industrial ammonium phosphate QGS- 6 20 2 10000 Particles 260


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